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I Am An

“Accredited Investment

Fiduciary” & A “Certified

Plan Fiduciary Advisor”

Professionally Certified as demonstrating and serving as an Investment Fiduciary part of an elite group of accreditations recognized by FINRA.  The purpose of the AIF® Designation is to assure that those responsible for managing or advising on investor assets have a fundamental understanding of the principles of fiduciary duty, the standards of conduct for acting as a fiduciary, and a process for carrying out fiduciary responsibility.

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A Collaborative Partner

in Managed Lifestyle

& Investment Planning

Along with my team at Sollinda Capital Management, Capital Investment Co. of Virginia aims to partner with you and your family or business in the Lifestyle journey up to and throughout Retirement. Our successful & measured process begins with our first commitment – to hear you & your unique needs & objectives. Listening first, with no preconceived objectives of our own, we can begin the journey together with clear understanding of the ideas you value most & the future you envision for you, your family and/or your business.


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