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Tell Us What You Want.

Our first commitment to our Partners is to hear them. Each and everyone of our relationships have unique needs and objectives they would like realized. By listening first, we can begin the journey together with a clear understanding of the objectives you value most and the future you envision for your family and your business. There are no cookie cutter or off-the-shelf solutions handed out at Retirement Fiduciaries of Virginia. We take the time to comprehensively examine, uncover and evaluate the underlying factors that should be discovered at the beginning of the relationship. We build close relationships that will establish expectations, reduce anxieties and outline a clear path to addressing the complexities we have agreed to solve together.

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Every Viable Investment Option

By always approaching our relationships with a holistic, integrated and collaborative manner, our partners can count on us to work tirelessly on their behalf, to be proactive and innovative in finding the best solutions, and to be responsive and accessible to them at all times. Our enhanced open architecture gives us access to abroad universe of investment vehicles and proprietary analytics – so you can be sure that every viable investment option and opportunity are on the table.

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Prudent & Discriminating Allocators of Capital

Our dedication is to be your trusted partner, serving as your prudent and discriminating allocators of capital. We have always been solution agnostic and open, combining both active and passive investment strategies within our partner portfolios. We recognize cash as a position and pride ourselves in patience when deploying capital to the arsenal that has been fine-tailored to suit your style, pace and path.

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Protect. Scale. Capitalize. Realize.

Protection from potential liabilities and downside risks are at the pinnacle of the successes we aim to provide for our Partners. The marketplace is Global in scale now and the socio-political /economic environments around the world will continue to change as they have throughout history. Capitalizing on these opportunities and avoiding the pitfalls are paramount to maintaining our partners competitive advantages. We make it our business to keep your comfort level high. By utilizing data management and analytical processes we create and maintain these competitive advantages. Portfolio and Plan construction is vital from the onset and throughout the implementations timeline; however, pro-active, diligent and disciplined monitoring is the key to realizing those successes.

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Your Right to Know & Understand

We believe you have the right to know how your Plan is progressing. This means truth in performance reporting versus the applicable benchmarks. Transparency is provided at every level including overall portfolio and plan, by each asset class and on any individual strategies. All net of our fee structure. We want you to understand the value we bring to our relationship. A periodic review process is a requirement to become a partner of ours to not only hold our plan accountable but to also jointly ensure that investment related fees, compensation and expenses are fair and reasonable for the relationship.