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A TEAM of Experts.

Retirement Plan Management

A TEAM of Independent Fiduciary Specialists at every level of the Retirement Plan. We deliver the HIGHEST level of Fiduciary Plan Management a Plan can have. A full service / turn key solution that hits every mark you're concerned about. We deliver 3(38) Investment Management, Advisor led Education, Service & Financial Wellness.

Capital Investment Advisory Services

3(38) Investment Management

A DISCRETIONARY ASSET MANAGER : FULL ERISA 3(38) We serve at the highest level of fiduciary delegation for our Plan Sponsors. This means unfettered access to all investment options and completely free from constraining outside influences to select whatever options deemed to be prudent. There is REAL value in retaining an investment manager (Capital Investment Advisory Services or CIAS) pursuant to ERISA section 3(38) lies in having a truly INDEPENDENT Firm make the same types of decisions that a well-informed Plan Sponsor would. A full 3(38) arrangement represents the highest level of investment liability transfer possible under ERISA.

Reform, Revamp or Both

Retirement Plan Consulting

Proudly recognized as a disrupter in the Retirement Industry as Retirement Plan Consultant. I relay eye-opening information to Plan Sponsor Fiduciaries to start them down a relationship path built on Trust, Integrity and Transparency. As a Retirement Plan Consultant my focus is on helping businesses implement Industry Best Practices. I have a team in place that is at the forefront of ERISA & DOL/IRS Compliance. We have the blueprint, handed directly to us from the DOL! Together, we will guide and reform your plan to the best available solution for your Company. A Solution that is Tailored, Hi-Tech and Responsive at the Plan and Participant levels. Our process Enlightens, Educates and Reforms your Plan to the Industry’s Best Practices in order to reduce the burdens on Business Owners and HR professionals. WE WILL BE YOUR LAST CALL!

Participant Products and Services

Education & Wellness

DEEPEN your RELATIONSHIP with your EMPLOYEES. There is a crucial need to help plan participants address sources of money worries and reduce issues with decreased productivity, absenteeism, and the mental and physical effects of financial stress. A genuinely FREE add on to any 401k Plan. This financial education programming is engaging, interactive and PERSONALIZED using custom playlists built from age and goals based modules. We have solutions that build loyalty with participants. Plan Sponsors can deliver customized financial education, track and monitor engagement and usage, and initiate important dialogue around critical topics. A WELLNESS platform fosters stronger relationships between plan sponsors, participants and their families.

NEW Legislation --> SECURE ACT 2.0 !!

Understanding the Secure 2.0 Act


On December 29, 2022, the US President signed into law the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 which included the SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022.



It is a SIGNIFICANT piece of Retirement Plan legislation which includes 92 provisions and builds on the previous SECURE Act of 2019. The timeline below is a brief summary of select provisions. 



  • Eligible for employers with 50 or less employees (previously 100)

  • Credit for administrative costs increased from 50% to 100% for first 3 years; annual maximum is $5,000

  • Defined Contribution plans can take an additional credit for employer contributions:

    • Up to $1,000 per employee with FICA wages less than or equal to $100,000 (subject to cost-of-living adjustments)

    • Phases out over time: 100% for years 1-2, 75% for year 3, 50% for year 4, and 25% for year 5

    • Employers with 51-100 employees may be eligible for a reduced credit

**effective for the 2023 tax year**



  • RMD age increased to 73


  • Penalty for failure to take an RMD is reduced from 50% to 25%


**effective for the 2023 tax year**



  • Employees who are eligible but have no balance in the plan will no longer have to receive the same notices as participants with a balance in the plan (e.g. fee disclosure, summary annual report, etc.). Instead, they will only need to be provided with an annual notice notifying them that they are eligible to participate in the plan


  • The IRS & DOL have also been directed to consolidate the notices required for participating employees within the next 2 years

**effective for plan years beginning on or after 1/1/2023**



  • Employers are now permitted to offer small incentives (i.e. gift cards) up to a de minimis amount (amount not yet established by IRS) to employees in order to encourage enrollment in employer retirement plans



  • **effective for 2023 plan year**




  • Emergency Expense Distributions

    • optional for plan year 2024 and later. Allows distribution of $1,000 per year that is exempt from 10% early withdrawal penalty. Can be repaid within 3 years. If not repaid, then may not be able to take further emergency withdrawals

  • Emergency Savings Account

    • optional for plan year 2024 and later. Allows employers to establish an emergency account funded by employee contributions up to a maximum of $2,500. These contributions are treated as Roth contributions and would be matched under the 401(k) plan if applicable. Distributions from this account are NOT taxable



  • Participants are not required to take from designated Roth accounts in qualified plans



  • Domestic Abuse

    • optional for plan year 2024 and later. Participants may now self-certify that they have experienced domestic abuse. They can withdraw the lesser of $10,000 (subject to cost-of-living adjustments) or 50% of account balance and it will be exempt from the 10% early withdrawal penalty. Distribution amounts may be repaid within 3 years

  • Mandatory Distribution Limit

    • Also known as the automatic rollover or force out limit

    • Increased from $5,000 to $7,000

    • Effective for distributions after 12/31/2023



  • Catch-up contributions to qualified retirement plans must be made on a Roth basis for any employee earning at least $145,000 (subject to cost-of-living adjustments)

**effective 1/1/2024**




  • In general, plans started after 12/29/2022 are required to include an automatic enrollment feature starting with the 2025 plan year

    • We are currently waiting for further guidance and will provide additional information once it becomes available

  • Initial automatic deferrals must be 3-10% and then automatic increases of 1% annually apply up to a maximum of 10-15%

**this does NOT apply to businesses with 10 or fewer employees, businesses existing less than 3 years, churches, or government entities



  • Higher catch-up limits will be available for individuals aged 60-63


  • Long-Term Part-Time Rule will be based on 2 years of service worked with 500 hours worked, instead of 3 years


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