Hourly Consulting

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Providing a wide variety of Services and Solutions on an hourly fee schedule. Cash Flow Services including but not limited to Emergency Fund Structuring, Debt Payoff Scheduling, Employment Benefit Review, College Education Planning, Contribution Analysis to 401k and IRA’s, Cash Flow Projections, Retirement Projections, Income Structuring, Real Estate Purchase Modeling, Charitable Giving Strategies, Required Minimum Distribution Strategy, Social Security Analysis, Pension Election and Maximization, Retirement Withdrawal Planning, Timing of Retirement, “Windfall” and Inheritance Planning, Restricted & Stock Option Strategy, Deferred Compensation Strategy, Small Business Retirement Plan Selection, Pre-65 and Long-Term Care Planning and Other Services.



Built with the Individual, Family or Small Business in mind. Hourly Services are cost efficient and effective for our partners that require Professional Consulting in a non-contractual manner. Solid, Deliverable and Actionable Advice.

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